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Have a Stellar Event!

Our Event E-Coupon Book makes it easy!

Golfers get great deals and Sponsors get sales!

You’ve seen traditional coupon books, sold by schools, to raise money. Your E-coupon book will go directly to your golfers’ phones, where it's never copied, lost or thrown away.

You Get a Low Cost per Sponsor!

Sponsor's Get a High Value Targeted Market!

Your Event Has Maximum Fun & Fundraising!

It really is easy! Text “Stellar” to 76626 and see how it works for yourself!

Stellar will do all the set-up work for you, all you have to do is give your sponsors our Coupon Request form and collect the cash!

Your sponsors can create any offer for their coupon and we will link their website. These links can be to their online domain, or their preferred customer links, even Facebook!

What do you get?

When you purchase your E-Coupon book you get more than just your coupons and set-up fee:

● Your table-top sign indicating your chosen word and the number for them to text
● 6 months of coupon life for each one
● Included data rates are covered for you, but standard rates apply for your golfers

Order Soon!

Save 20% if you order before April 30th! For further details call us at 888-633-7997.

Who are your potential sponsors? It's unlimited!
Any business that you or your event does business with!

Take a look at our Sponsor Chart below for more ideas on who to go to for your event sponsors.