Stellar Bonus Prizes

Bonus Prizes are smaller prizes that can be added to your contest for holes that do not have your main prize. These prizes are valuable for advertising a sponsor and are easy and inexpensive to include in your event. If a golfer makes a hole-in-one that is not on a main prize hole they still get a prize and the sponsor can get credit for the prize.

Stellar Hole-In-One provides Bonus Prizes like no one else.

  • Every sign will have a Sponsor Name or Logo advertising the sponsor’s name and support
  • Sponsors can declare a prize that features a product or service of the sponsor’s business
  • Or choose our convenient cash option $555

How does it work?

When you declare a bonus prize you can put any product or service you would like to feature on the sign. For example:

  • A Car dealer could give a free set of tires or service credit
  • A jeweler could give $1,000 of earrings or a bracelet
  • A bank could give Savings Bonds or a Certificate of Deposit
  • An insurance agent could support any client with a prepaid service
  • A school could give scholarship or booster club support

Any prize you can imagine that features the sponsor. These prizes are won when a golfer makes a hole-in-one on a bonus hole.

The sponsor will give the golfer the declared prize or service and we pay the sponsor $555. If the value needs to be more than $555 we can cover that as a main prize hole.