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Flexible Hole in One Prize Coverage at Great Prices

It doesn’t matter what the prize is. Cash, Cars, Jewelry, Travel, Real Estate, anything you can name, our hole-in-one insurance pays if your prize is won!

The cost of your coverage is based on:

  • The number of golfers in your event
  • The length of your hole
  • The value of the prize you offer

You can get your price for any tournament in 30 seconds using our price calculator below. Or we invite you to call us at 888 633 7997 for other contests to get full details.

Price Calculator

What's in our hole-in-one prize package?
Choose only the hole-in-one prize package options you want and save. We have the most flexible and still complete prize package backed up by hole-in-one insurance and the contest rules to make certain you have a Stellar Event. Coverage for main prize and up to 4 bonus prizes.

  • You can have multiple main prizes if you desire
  • Signs for every main prize and bonus prize, only if you need them.
  • Every golf hole sponsorship sign will have a Sponsor Name or Sponsor Logo when artwork is provided.
  • The most options for bonus prizes. Choose our classic bonus prizes, cash up to $555 or $555 cash towards any prize you or the sponsor chooses! Click here for details.
  • We pay for multiple winners
  • Ladies get a 25-yard advantage from the men's tee
  • Prize protection long after other coverages stop
  • Standard Shipping is included

You want even more fun and sponsorship? Look at these fun contests too!
We also offer a variety of sponsored fundraising contests you can add to your event:

  • Our 50 foot Putting contests!
  • There’s always a winner with our low score wins Dice Roll!
  • Shootout contests from 165 yards!
  • Million Dollar Shots

The cost of these fundraising contests, the prizes offered, and number of attempts will vary. Click here for details.

We’ve got what you need. Let’s get started.

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Better Insurance Rules for Hole In One Contests

Our Commitment to your event! No one made us extend coverage, expand sponsorship, and change contest rules for a better event. It was the right thing to do for you.

Treat your lady golfers like ladies. Now, they can play from the regular ladies’ tee box on every hole. Ladies appreciate they are not playing from some artificial tee, created on the men’s box, to take their most valuable shots.

The architect designed the golf course. Treat the course with respect. We have no minimum distance. If there is a signature hole you want to put the contest on we can cover it.

Men and ladies always play bonus holes from the regular distance of the same tee they played the main prize hole(s) from.

Your sponsor(s) name or logo on every sign.

Bonus Prizes can be from your business, not someone else’s golf clubs, trips, or clothes that are not supportive of the sponsor. Or use every winner’s preferred prize, the Cash prize.

Easier to setup the course when regular tees are used, leading to fewer mistakes

Strongest protections in the hole-in-one coverage industry if a shot is made from the wrong yardage.

Our Team Has World Class Hole In One Prize Insurance Experience

We serve the people who operate golf events, that support a charity, or promote a business or cause by:

  • Increasing the sponsor’s promotional value
  • Improving the golfer’s experience
  • Making operations less complicated
  • Providing the strongest prize insurance coverage available

Stellar's Staff

  • You can rely on our Customer Advocates and Service Team that have helped over 250,000 events with hole-in-one coverage. They’ve led underwriting on prizes up to $10,000,000.
  • Our claims staff has paid thousands of claims including 5 prizes of $1,000,000.
  • The prize coverage is underwritten by an excellent-rated AM Best insurance company.

Experienced and Reliable. Contact us!

More Hole-In-One Insurance Protection, More Flexibility, More Sponsorship, More Fun

Have a Big Impact on Your Event!

Call us and you get maximum coverage and sponsorship value

  • Present your sponsor’s name on every sign with bonus prizes that are meaningful to the sponsor.
  • Get the strongest protection from distance mistakes
  • No insurance restriction on hole length. ALL your golfers, particularly ladies, get a normal shot at a hole-in-one in your contest.
  • and get more!

Or you’ll miss enhanced sponsorship, extra protection, and fun

  • You could fail to identify the real sponsor on bonus holes and offer prizes that support someone other than the actual sponsor.
  • You could be stuck telling a golfer they did not win anything because their shot was from the wrong distance.
  • You could be forced by insurance rules to create artificial tees and place all golfers, particularly ladies, at a disadvantage on contest holes. You’ll leave golfers with an empty feeling when they have no chance to win your hole-in-one prize because of arbitrary insurance rules.

Make it a Stellar Event! Let us serve you & yours the way you deserve!

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